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Professor of Linguistics
Vice Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Szeged
Head of Dept. of Cultural Heritage and Human Information Science

Fields of interest

  • evolutionary linguistics from a cognitive anthropological (socio)linguistc aspect, with a focus on language and identity
  • sociology of language, with a focus on linguistic discrimination
  • socio-historical linguistics, especially the Turkic–Hungarian contacts before the 10the century
  • (historical) cultural anthropology, especially the history as well as the modern cult of the Székely Script
 Degrees, scholarships, and awards
2019 Doctor of Science, History
2016 Habilitation, Linguistics
2002 Scholarship of the Linguistic Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2000 Bolyai Research Scholarship
1997 Széchenyi Professor Scholarship
1996 CSc (PhD), Linguistics 
1993 Award for Young Scholars by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1992 Award of the Szeged Division of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1991 University doctoral degree (Turcology, Historical linguistics)
1989 MA in Turkology, Hungarian Literature and Language, and Historical Linguistics
Ongoing research projects
2017– The role of interconnected group, national, European, and religious identities in political and religious radicalisation.  (As a part of EFOP-3.6.2-16-2017-00007, Aspects on the development of intelligent, sustainable and inclusive society: social, technological, innovation networks in employment and digital economy)
2015– Practices of the cult of the Székely Scipt and their preceptions in contemporary Hungarian culture (OTKA 115748)
Earlier research projects
2011–2012  The Székely Script in the Hungarian cultural history (TÁMOP 4.2.1b)
2000–2002  The cognitive embeddedness of linguistic judgements (OTKA T 032803)
2000–2001  Cognitivism in Humanities (FKFP 0291/2000)
1998–1999  From Stigmatization to Tolerance (Comenius, Socrates-2)
1996  Forms of linguistic disadvantages (Hungarian Ministry of Culture and Education)
1995–1997  Hungarian Outside Hungary (RSS)


SZTE BTK, 6722 Szeged, Egyetem u. 2.